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Why Conquest?

Why 'Conquest'?

What makes it different?

We pride ourselves on three points above all else, that make us stand out in the industry: miniature detail, rules and world. With our own method of design and production, we have achieved amazing detail in our minis, while, listening to player feedback and industry developments, we modernized the rules so they are quick and easy to learn while affording veteran players multiple levels of strategy to master. Last but not least, a gritty and mature setting, coupled with art to match from our in-house studio, allows players to immerse into a world of battle and Conquest.

When it comes to the game itself? Well, no need to read a long text about it. Just watch our video of Five Things that Make Conquest Unique!

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How do we help you?

We understand the complexity and challenges of supporting a community of wargamers on a retailer level. To that end, our ambassadors, our Vanguard Program as we call it, our Organized Play and our online presence, are all designed to support you, the retailer, by helping you running regional tournaments and offering free materials to use for your store and websites.


In our ongoing efforts to support our retailers, we start with the very basics: we make sure we let our audience knows they are there. On our main page, we have a store locator, a handy tool that helps players find their closest Conquest hot spots. Moreover, we regularly use our social media pages to post photos, share events and link to retailers that have provided us with said materials. If you are interested in either, please contact Let us help you!