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Where to Start

TIP: In Conquest, Characters unlock Regiment selection and are therefore necessary to play. They cannot be missing from your available product list.

Product availability is important, especially for fast moving SKUs. In the list bellow we suggest quantities for the basic SKUs that support the content of our Core Box, which at the moment is the base point of entry into the Hobby.

If you want increased options, we suggest you focus on the following SKUs:

These are faster selling SKUs and essential for anyone getting into the game with the first two factions.

Populate the Game

Conquest is a subscription type sales product and, as you will already know, requires constant expansion, addition and
adjustment. What better way to show growth in the game than a third Faction?

The Dweghom are our take on the classical Dwarf Archetype, an Army of fully armored, magic wielding and dragon riding dwarves!

Adding on to the first two factions, these are inherently fastmoving SKUs. Players tend not to want to play what their friends are already collecting, so this will help increase the number of active Conquest players.

If you want to increase options we suggest you focus on the following SKUs:

Expand. Always Expand

The rule of constant expansion applies to all parties involved, including us. With that in mind, we put our foot on the pedal, releasing our fourth faction already: the Nords. The Nords are were Vikings meet monsters, men and women hardened by an icy, unforgiving land, plagued by giants, monsters and the tainted blood of their long-dead gods. 

The following quantities are a solid start to entice new players and collectors alike.

To help you get in Conquest or expand your existing offer we have prepared for you a “Bundle Deal”!

If you want to increase options we suggest you focus on the following SKUs:

This will give you a healthy stock for the new faction, Core Boxes and enough value added to push sales! The Fourth Faction gives more variety of aesthetic and adds gameplay choices but also unlocks Organized Play.


Now mirror matches are less frequent and the game becomes truly interesting. Following New Releases brings customers back to the store and propagates demand.