Organized Conquest

What is it about?

Whether a player is there for the hobby aspect of assembling, painting and showcasing their favorite minis, the community, the thematic tournaments or the competitive play, Organized Conquest, our Organized Play (OP) program, is there to make sure that for all those players, Conquest remains a fun, satisfying and constant experience, with rewards ripe for the taking. 

OP Kits

Our Organized Conquest events are designed to reward players, both for their participation and their victories. This is done through our OP Kits, containing a guide to their season's events, along with special rewards for the players, such as card sleeves and boxes, Aghm codes for our Living World Account system and limited and/or unreleased miniatures, alternate pieces and/or models. You can check out the current season's contents below!

Season 1 Version 2 Promo.jpg
How this helps you

Carrying Conquest has one very fortunate side-effect: your store is no longer just a retail shop, but a meeting point, a constant for your clients, spending time looking at your products. As a community forms around your shop, you are there to reap the benefits. The OP Document and the OP Kit are here to help you keep them interested and engaged. If you're wondering what they're talking about, don't worry! Take a look at our Quick-Start Demo Guide and understand the basics of the game!

You are not alone!

Documents are all well and nice, but we know you could use more hands-on help. First of all, we suggest you read below about our Vanguard Program. Secondly, Leo, our community manager, is always ready to help. Feel free to contact him directly!

The Army Builder

An invaluable tool that we provide to all our players for free is the Conquest Army Builder. It is also an integral part of our tournaments and many of the OP events, so we strongly suggest that you familiarize with it, as it will greatly help you communicate with your clients. 


The Vanguard Program

Our agents on the field.

Vanguards are our ambassadors, our eyes and ears out there. While not Para Bellum employees, they are hearty volunteers, authorized to help you and the players, building bridges between you, the community and us. 

How this helps you

A Vanguard is an excellent asset for both you and us. Vanguards can relieve you from much  of the workload of Organized Play, as they talk with players and help you run OP events. They are authorized to lead tournaments, act as judges and help you handle the OP Kit Rewards, by keeping track on which players participate.  

Find or suggest a Vanguard

If you want to find a Vanguard in your area or if you want to suggest one to us, you or your candidate Vanguard can directly contact our Community Manager or PM us through our Facebook page here.